George Bertolis landed his first job as an assistant for a coffee and coffee machine importer owned by his uncle and his business partner. Having enjoyed three years as assistant, George went on to spend 12 years working for another coffee company and it was here that he realised a growing passion for coffee equipment and the factors that make for a great cuppa.

George noticed a gap in the industry over a time when the South African coffee industry was still finding its feet. With the industry exploding over the last 10-15 years, multiple opportunities were presented for a coffee equipment specialist company to thrive. Through this, CoffeeQuip was born. CoffeeQuip took off with 14 coffee machines.

The business is focused on servicing the coffee industry from a technical perspective. This means the specialisation of the equipment that makes the coffee rather than the coffee itself. While there are a fair number of organisations focused on the selling and serving of coffee, the aim was to come with a bit of an edge by providing business solutions in the form of skills and quality equipment.

“It is because we are equipped with both coffee roasting skills and have a wide understanding of how to operate coffee making equipment, that we can provide restaurants and baristas with the solutions to produce the best coffee quality,” says Bertolis.

“There is more to a cup of coffee than what is seen at face value. With so many people now awakening to the growth of the industry, we pride ourselves in providing high quality coffee making machines. Coffee lovers know that there is an art to making the perfect cup and we aim to do just that.”

CoffeeQuip is your premier support partner for all your specialty coffee needs. With over two decades of experience in the hospitality and coffee industry, our team have the knowledge and expertise to assist with the implementation of your coffee shop dream and to support you further down the line with our technical expertise and on-site support.

We partner with leading brands to ensure that we can provide you with a solution to fit your budget and ensure that after-sales support is trouble free due to our commitment to only partner with reliable and reputable brands thereby ensuring that you can focus on the growth of your business.

Come visit us at The Gantry in Pineslopes for a cuppa and a chat!